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Jerusalem College of Technology, Israel

VISA to Israel

All visitors to Israel must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date they enter the country. To find out whether you require a visa to Israel, please consult the web page of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you require a visa, please contact me as soon as possible, to request an invitation letter.


International flights land at the Ben Gurion Intl. Airport (TLV) near Tel Aviv located just off the road linking Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The airport is 12 miles (20 km) southeast of Tel Aviv, and 50 km (31 miles) northwest of Jerusalem. Local time in Israel is GMT + 2 hours. Note: Some airport and public transportation services are limited on the Shabbath, between Friday from about 5:00 P.M. to Saturday at about 6:30 P.M. Getting to Jerusalem from the Ben-Gurion Airport: some information on the transportation options can be found at http://www.frommers.com/destinations/jerusalem/717291, the prices may be a bit out of date, "Shuttle" (sherouth in hebrew) costs 64 NIS now. Taxi services are regulated and the Taxi companies at Ben Gurion Airport operate under permission.


FTNet at Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) is located at south-west Jerusalem in the neighborhood of "Givat mordehai". Official address to check via google maps is: "Havaad Haleumi Street 21, Jerusalem" or just check "Jerusalem College of Technology" will lead you to the right place on the map. (don't confuse with Jerusalem College of Engineering just in front of JCT which is not the same institute, We are a bigger institute although not mentioned clearly in google maps...). For your convenience here is a link to Google Maps


JCT is near two Bus stations. 1) First is at the "Bait-Givat Mordehai Junction" which is deserved by a couple of bus line (you can just click on the station just enter following coordinate "31.767488,35.192503" in google maps and click and blue icon). The main Bus line to reach it is Line 39. You can board on bus line 39 from near Jerusalem central bus station (CBS) or just near "chords bridge".

When you arrive at this station you have about 4 min walk to JCT following the black line in the picture below.


2) A second bus station is in Shahal street (search "31.765955,35.194115") which is deserved by Bus line 6 also reachable from CBS or Chords Bridge. See below the walk from this station to JCT (about 8 min walk).


Both Line 6 and 39 have a frequency of every 15 min and the trip from CBS take about 15 min. Further info on bus lines etc.. can be found on http://egged.co.il/Eng/ (in Russian http://egged.co.il/RU/) JCT is near station "Giv'at Mordekhay Interchange" in city Jerusalem).


The closest hotel is : http://english.rimonim.com/jerusalem-hotels/rimonim-jerusalem-hotel. It is about 10 min by walk to JCT but it is a bit tricky. You will arrive at rear entrance of JCT. See below picture how to arrive (former name, still displayed in google maps, of this hotel was "shalom" instead of actual "rimonim" name).Please let me know in case you intend to arrive from rear entrance so that we ensure this will be open.


By the way, a taxi would cost approx. 20 nis (~4 euros) since it is very short distance by car.

Then you have some hotels around central bus station. All this hotels are at about 15 min by public transport (mentioned above). By taxi, will take about 8 min and cost around 30 nis (~6 euros). In case you take a taxi don't take it from CBS since there are lots of traffic lights there, instead take it after the chords bridge.


Finally you can also consider all the hotels near the Old City of Jerusalem. Then you can take the tramway to CBS (or Chords Bridge) and from there take the Bus. Take into account in this case about 40 mn overall.


The unit of currency in Israel is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS) commonly known as the Shekel. Approximate currency rates as of February 2015 are as follows :
1 US $ = 3.9 NIS
1 Euro € = 4.5 NIS


Electricity in Israel is supplied at 220V, 50Hz and has a three-pin connecting plug.


Weather is rather unpredictable at this period (March). Normally should be sunny and nice but who knows…don’t forget that Jerusalem is on a mountain (about 850 meters) so even though it can be very nice during the day, it can also be a bit cold at night. You can check weather at this quite accurate website http://www.israelweather.co.il/forecast/week_en7.html.

and finally I wish you a safe and pleasant flight …!