Efficient Management of cellular and wireless networks

A big part of our activities in the lab is to make a more efficient use of the so scarce wireless medium. For this purpose we proposed in several projects efficient power allocation, channel allocation, accurate coverage of the base stations and so on.

In one of our former work we proposed a method to allow efficient reuse of spectrum between femtocell and macrocell. We also showed that within a given radius around the macrocell in this better for an indoor user to be associated with the macrocell than with its own femtocell.

Wireless Network

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Power control in cellular networks is well known for its complexity and generally considered as a NP-Hard problem. We proposed some solution to approximate the optimum via linear algorithm. We also considered the case when MIMO is used and showed that with some channel model assumption it is interestingly not obviously better to transmit with all the antennas.

Wireless Network

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